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Professional bicycle mechanic on staff at all times

Labor rates based on parts purchased in-store. A 20% labor surcharge will apply with service using parts not purchased in-store
Shop rate $ 56.00/hr
Minimum Service Fee $5.00
Service Appointment Reservation Fee $10.00 (Credited towards work - No refund if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment)
Cancelled Service On Bikes (after check-in) $10.00
Disposal of Unwanted Bikes $10.00

Replacing Internal Hub Races add $10.00
Overhaul 3-Speed Internal Hub $40.00
Overhaul Coaster Brake Hub $30.00
Overhaul All Other Types of Internal Gear Hub $45.00/Hour
Wheels & Hubs Repack Rear Hub $20.00
Overhaul Campagnolo Rear Hub $30.00
Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset $30.00 each
Removal of seized Bottom Bracket $45.00 per hour
Miscellaneous Rebuild Ergo Lever $45.00
Fork Installation $40.00
Glue Tubular $16.00 per tire
Change Stem and or Handlebar $15.00 to $30.00
Tape Handlebars $12.00
Replace/Align Gear Tab $20.00
Apply Frame Saver $35.00 Price based on stripped frame or as addition to overhaul.
Face Bottom Bracket $35.00
Chase Bottom Bracket $25.00
Ream/Face Head Tube $35.00
Thread Steerer (Price for every 1" of thread) $25.00 Price double for titanium frames Handle Bar Computer Installation Computer Single Dual Pickup $15.00/$25.00 Computer battery install and reprogram: $10.00 Flight Deck $35.00 Ergo Brain $50.00 Bicycle Boxing/Shipping Box to Ship Single Bicycle $55.00 Box to Ship Single Bicycle Deluxe $75.00 (Includes individually wrapping all tubes) Processing Fee for UPS Shipping $10.00 Disc & Hydraulic Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes Installation Set-Up & Bleeding $35.00 per Wheel Bleeding Only $20.00 per Wheel Pad Replacement $12.00 per Wheel Mechanical Disc Brakes Installation Set-Up $25.00 per Wheel Pad Replacement $12.00 per Wheel Replace and Adjust Cable $12.00 Each Front Suspension Suspension Forks Overhaul $50.00 (Does not include bushing replacement or "linkage" style forks) Simple Oil Change (Oil Included) $30.00 Rear Suspension Overhaul Single Pivots $40.00 to $50.00 Overhaul Multi Pivots $50.00 to $70.00 Full Suspension Overhaul $200.00 to $225.00 Suspension Tuning $25.00 Suspension tuning includes: Adjusting your full suspension bike to your size, weight and usage.

Full Suspension Warranty Service Applies only to bikes and shocks purchased at Cheshire Cycle Under 90 Days N/C Over 90 Days Less Than 1 Year $15.00 + Shipping Additional labor fee of $20.00 to repack and reinstall headset Precision Frame Alignment Services Rear Triangle Alignment and Re-spacing $50.00 Includes gear tab alignment Additional labor fee of $45.00 to remove and reinstall Bottom Bracket, Chain and Rear Derailleur. Re-align Rigid Fork $40.00 Add labor fee of $30.00 to repack and reinstall Headset Frame Alignment $80.00 Additional Labor Fee of $149.00 to strip and reinstall parts. Facing Bottom Bracket area $25.00

Bike Fittings Cleat Fitting  $50.00 ($30.00*) Basic Bike Fitting  $50.00 ($30.00**)
Advanced Bike Fitting  $75.00+ Triathlon/Time Trial Fitting  $100.00+
Custom/Size Cycle Fitting $125.00+
Performance Enhancement Fitting  $350.00
Location Fitting $200.00
Tandem Fitting  $100.00++

*With purchase of pedals and/or shoes
**With purchase of bicycle +With cleat fitting add $30.00
++With cleat fittings add $50.00 Note: With purchase of $2500.00 and greater, in-store bike and cleat fittings are included.

Having The Proper Fit
Having your bike fit your body is at least as important as which bike you ride! At many bike stores a "fitting" consists of standing over a bike and lifting the front wheel one inch. When this happens, many important considerations are being overlooked and you should get another opinion. At Cheshire Cycle, trained professionals work by appointment to adjust your existing bike to fit you perfectly, or help you make sure that new bike is just so. Such considerations as age, flexibility and gender are some of the main factors in determining the best fit for you. Cheshire Cycle's' large inventory of stems, handlebars and anatomically correct saddles make setting your bike up properly a snap and assure you a faster, more comfortable ride tomorrow. Using tools such as the Serotta Size Cycle, Fit Kit, and Bio Racer fitting systems, the Cheshire Cycle fitting staff can design a bike to fit big or small, casual enthusiast to pro level competitor. The fitting staff at Cheshire Cycle & Repair can also address issues such as knee pain, saddle numbness, and hands/back/shoulder pain. Cheshire Cycle stocks a selection of canting shims and corrective footbeds, as well as other specialized hardware that can make the difference between riding in pain or riding in style. With over 5000 customers in the last 10 years, there are few problems the fit staff haven't seen. Fitting Pedals to Shoes: One of the primary services the Cheshire Cycle fitting staff provides is the "Cleat Fit". Afraid you might not release from your new clipless pedals? Concerned about knee pain associated with an incorrectly placed cleat? The fitters at Cheshire Cycle use the Fit Kit Rotational Adjustment Device (R.A.D.) to determine the correct cleat positioning, and then walk the user through the skills needed to enter and release their feet in the field, all in the safety of the store. This is a must-have service for any new to clipless pedals. The Cheshire Cycle fitting staff invites you to make an appointment today.
You may also email us directly for a prompt response to your questions.

Adjust Rear Front Brakes $10.00 each Replace and Adjust Cable $12.00 Replace Brake Pads $12.00/Wheel. Extra charge for replacing housing. Rebuild Rear Wheel $40.00 Rebuild Front Wheel $35.00 Replace Tube Tire (Wheel only, off bike) $6.00 Replace Tube Tire (With wheel removal from bike) $8.00 True Wheel $15.00 to $20.00 Headset/Bottom Bracket Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $10.00-20.00 each Derailleur/Drivetrain
Derailleur Adjustment $10.00 Derailleur Replacement $20.00 Replace Cogset $10.00 Replace Chain $10.00 Replace and Adjust Cable $12.00. Extra charge for replacing housing Drivetrain Cleaning $35.00 Change Stem and or Handlebar $15.00 to $30.00 Tape Handlebars $12.00 Accessory Installation Rear Rack $15.00 BarEnds $10.00 Fenders $20.00 Baby Seat $20.00 (Baby seats must be purchased in-store)
Car Rack Installation Rates Strap on trunk rack $15.00 Feet with Load Bars $45.00 Accessories (bike mounts, etc) $10.00 per accessory Roof Top Boxes $30.00 Assembly and Installation of Hitch Mount Racks $15.00 to $25.00 Removal of Racks and Accessories $40.00 per hour Return Policy Cheshire Cycle & Repair is happy to process your returns, however a few conditions do apply: All items must be returned unused and in original packaging. Cash or credit card refund within 14 days from the date of sale accompanied by original sales receipt. Merchandise credit after 14 days with original sales receipt. Merchandise exchanges must be accompanied by original sales receipt. No returns or exchanges after 90 days of purchase. No returns allowed on special order or clearance items.

Please communicate any anticipated delays in picking up your bike.