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Professional bicycle mechanic on staff at all times

Labor rates based on parts purchased in-store. A 20% labor surcharge will apply with service using parts not purchased in-store
Shop rate $ 56.00/hr
Minimum Service Fee $5.00
Service Appointment Reservation Fee $10.00 (Credited towards work - No refund if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment)
Cancelled Service On Bikes (after check-in) $10.00
Disposal of Unwanted Bikes $10.00

Our regular tune-up includes the following: True, tension and round the wheels adjust all bearing surfaces externally, front and rear hubs, bottom bracket and headset adjust brakes and gears air the tires lubricate chain and cassette wipe down the frame

Tune Ups
Tune & True Single Speed Coaster $35.00
Tune & True Single/Multi Speed Hand Brakes $59.95
Above with drive train cleaning $84.00
Tune & True Full Suspension $69.00
Tune & Recumbant $69.00
Tune & True Tandem $84.00

Return your ride to optimal condition, recommended every 5,000 - 7,000 miles! The Cheshire Cycle overhaul includes: true, tension and round the wheels repack all bearing surfaces with fresh grease and new ball bearings (front and rear hubs, bottom bracket and headset) thoroughly clean the frame clean all major components in our industrial parts cleaner re-assemble and adjust all major components note: added surcharge for extra dirty/rusty bikes *price does not include labor for suspension or hydraulics.

Overhaul Single (March 1st - October 31st) $149.00*
Overhaul Single (November 1st - February 28th) $119.00*
Overhaul Tandem or Recumbant (March 1st - October 31st) $199.00*
Overhaul Tandem or Recumbant (November 1st - February 28th) $175.00*
Adjust Rear Front Brakes $10.00 each
Replace and Adjust Cable $12.00
Replace Brake Pads $12.00/Wheel. Extra charge for replacing housing.
Rebuild Rear Wheel $40.00
Rebuild Front Wheel $35.00
Replace Tube Tire (Wheel only, off bike) $6.00
Replace Tube Tire (With wheel removal from bike) $8.00
True Wheel $15.00 to $20.00
Headset/Bottom Bracket Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset $10.00-20.00 each

Derailleur Adjustment $10.00
Derailleur Replacement $20.00
Replace Cogset $10.00
Replace Chain $10.00
Replace and Adjust Cable $12.00. Extra charge for replacing housing
Drivetrain Cleaning $35.00
Change Stem and or Handlebar $15.00 to $30.00
Tape Handlebars $12.00

Accessory Installation
Rear Rack $15.00
BarEnds $10.00
Fenders $20.00
Baby Seat $20.00 (Baby seats must be purchased in-store)

Car Rack Installation Rates
Strap on trunk rack $15.00
Feet with Load Bars $45.00
Accessories (bike mounts, etc) $10.00 per accessory
Roof Top Boxes $30.00
Assembly and Installation of Hitch Mount Racks $15.00 to $25.00
Removal of Racks and Accessories $40.00 per hour

Return Policy Cheshire Cycle & Repair is happy to process your returns, however a few conditions do apply: All items must be returned unused and in original packaging. Cash or credit card refund within 14 days from the date of sale accompanied by original sales receipt. Merchandise credit after 14 days with original sales receipt. Merchandise exchanges must be accompanied by original sales receipt. No returns or exchanges after 90 days of purchase. No returns allowed on special order or clearance items.

Please communicate any anticipated delays in picking up your bike.